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Luminaria Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs for electric luminarias.

Set of 10 clear replacement bulbs.


Clear C9 - 7 Watt bulbs work in many luminaria sets including RC Company and Casa Noel sets. Check your light size and wattage.


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Luminaria Replacement Bags
Set of 10 Plastic Replacement Bags Luminarias - Brown or White
$ 9.99
Luminaria Replacement Frames
Luminaria Replacement Frames for Electric Luminarias.
$ 4.99
Chili Pepper Lights
String of 35 chili pepper lights ready to go.

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$ 13.99
Chili Pepper Light Covers
Chili pepper light covers fit over the lights on standard mini-light strings. Five different colors and packages of different color mixes are available.
$ 5.99
Chili Pepper Ristra 35 Lights
Lighted Chili Pepper Ristra welcomes all to your home.
$ 18.99
Chili Pepper Cluster Lights
Chili pepper lights clustered in 5 groups of 7 lights each. It's like a string of mini ristras.
$ 16.99
Electric Luminarias - Electric Luminaries - Farolitos for Sale
Set of 10 electric luminarias (farolitas).
$ 34.99

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