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Electric Luminarias - Electric Luminaries - Farolitos for Sale
Luminarias - Farolitos - Farolitas

Electric Luminarias Luminaries for Sale

Southwestern holiday and Christmas electric luminarias.

Electric luminarias, sometimes called farolitos or luminaries are the ultimate in Holiday decorating (including that New Year's Eve party!). Long a southwestern tradition, luminarias are now recognized and seen everywhere. For sale on this page!

Need something special for your  wedding? The white luminarias are great for weddings, quinceaneras or sweet 16 party decorations.

If you are comparing prices, our total price with shipping is most likely the lowest.  We have FREE SHIPPING on orders over $110.00*! We also carry electric luminaria replacement bags, bulbs, and frames for your future needs.

Use southwest electric luminarias any time of the year to illuminate your walkway or patio for your party guests.

Read about the History of Luminarias (farolitos).

How to make your own candle luminarias:
1) Turn down the top 1" of brown or white paper lunch bags to make a sturdy rim.
2) Place about 1" of sand or cat litter in the bottom of the bag.
3) Place a votive candle in the center of the bag.
4) Place luminarias on sidewalk and light candles.

Our electric luminarias:

Set of 10 Kraft colored SOFT plastic bags are 3 feet apart on a green cord for a 30 foot long effect.

End to end connectors. Manufacturer recommends a maximum of 3 sets strung end to end.

Standard C-9 7 Watt clear bulbs.120Volt - UL Approved.

Easy to assemble, two piece, snap together frame for each bag.

Made in USA.

Choose from:

  • Brown (Traditional)
  • White

CLICK HERE to see the assembly instructions for our electric luminarias. (Instructions open in a new window after a slight pause.)

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Our Price: $37.50!

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