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Trail of Painted Ponies 2004 Hardcover Book
Trail of Painted Ponies Hardcover Collectors book

The first editions of The Trail of Painted Ponies book were a hit. They received sensational reviews and became a national bestseller. Now, The Trail of Painted Poniesannounces the release of a totally new Collectors Edition book, which is destined to be a "must have book" among collectors. Itfeatures:

  • 124 pages (28 more pages than the original book) with larger, sharper Painted Pony images, many published for the first time.
  • Seventeen dramatically different Painted Pony chapters, including Native American Ponies, Horses Throughout History, Dream Horses, Patriotic Ponies, and Artists at Work.
  • A special 7 page catalog featuring photos and "story tags" from all The Trail of Painted Pony figurines created to date.

Every page of this amazing book reflects the great diversity, power and magic of The Trail of Painted Ponies.

Choose from Hardcover at $28.99 or Softcover at $18.99 (see below).

In addition to being the coveted hardcover edition (we are told that the Hardcover Edition will be limited to 5000 books), thehardback edition of The Trail of Painted Ponies Collectors Edition bookis enhanced with signatures of over 30 artists on the end pages.

We will NOT be ordering more of this pony!

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