Chili Pepper Light Covers

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Soft plastic chili (chile) pepper light covers make great party lights.

If you already have strings of mini-lights (doesn't everyone?), this is an inexpensive way to convert your extra light strings to chili pepper light sets.

As well as decorating the Christmas trees, you can use chili pepper lights to give a flair to doorways, patios and porches during the holiday season or any party occasion: Yellow and Turquoise for easter, Red and Purple for our Red Hat Society Ladies, Red & Green for a distinctive look.

Most light sets are now 50 or 100 lights. We package these chili pepper light covers in sets of 25 for your convenience. 

Red, green, yellow, purple and turquoise covers come in crystal (clear) style.

  • Covers are soft plastic
  • Covers are translucent
  • Covers are 2.75" - 3" long

Please - minimum of two packages (can be assorted)