Shotgun Shell Lights

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Our shotgun shell lights are made of 35 genuine shotgun shells (a manufacturer name appears on most of the shell casings).

Compare our $19.99 price for 35 lights to other retailers $19.99 price for 20 lights.

The perfect gift for that friend of ours who is a hunter, sportsman, skeet or trap shooter. These shotgun shell lights can decorate a patio, man cave or an RV!

  • UL Listed "straight line" light set (not end to end, these do not connect together)
  • Spacing between each shell is approximately 3”
  • Lead wire length 12”
  • Total length: 9’ 5” (as these can only be streached so tight, each set covers about 8' actual length when the lead length is considered)
  • Each set contains 2 spare fuses, 2 spare bulbs
  • Assembled in USA

All multicolor shotgun shell light strings come in a 3 or 4 color mix per light string that could be any of the following colors - red, yellow, burgundy, purple, blue, light gray, dark gray, orange, gold and green. Please note: We cannot guarantee what colors your will receive on your shotgun shell light strings. Even the all red strings may have some different shades of red.